Part Time Delivery Driver

Stems Market is seeking part time delivery drivers for an ever growing flower delivery program.

Who Are You?

You are the looking to fill a few morning or afternoon hours out in the hustle and bustle, here there and everywhere in the Grand Rapid’s Michigan area serving up a little joy by delivering flowers to homes, businesses and hospitals. You might be retired or someone just looking to fill an afternoon and make a little extra income.

The Ideal Candidate has:

  • A cool, calm and collected approach to problem solving (As simple as it seems, there is always an issue, The map was wrong, no one is home, etc… you get the idea.)
  • The ability to use a GPS Device for directions
  • A clean driving record
  • Comfortable driving in city traffic

Is This You!

Call us at the store and let’s have a conversation!

Call 616-534-8650