Houston Needs our Help!

The images of devastation left by Harvey that we see online and on our televisions are riveting and heart breaking. Its easy to feel helpless as you watch family after family devastated by this natural disaster. In the mist of the heartbreak we also see acts of heroism, compassion and brotherly love!

We all know that when we come together we are stronger than when we stand alone.

Stems is once again asking our Stems family to come together and offer what meager support we can to the hurting families of Huston. As many of you know, Stems Market has a Tip Jar on its counter and we collect tips until we come across a need. Well Houston could use our help.

We have decided to donate to the Houston Food Bank. The Houston Food Bank has a strong track record of supporting the community during floods, hurricanes and other emergencies, and they are committed to providing food, water and other help to the people who need it most.

The Houston Food Bank is committed to helping people whose lives were uprooted by Harvey and they are in it for the long haul.

Every $1 Donated to the Houston Food Bank Provides 3 Meals to those in need!!

To get the ball rolling, Stems will start with a $500.00 donation over and above what we have already collected in our tip jar. For the next few weeks all the change we collect in our tip jar will go directly to Houston Food Bank to help the many families in need.

How To Give!

Please stop by Stems Market and help us fill our tip jar. When its full, we’ll get a bigger one and keep filling.